We would like for Sport is Life to be an authentic and safe space, where the users may find inspiration, express themselves and foment their sports activity. Help us foment this community. Publish your own photos, videos, training programmes, matches and competitions, abiding always by the law. Respect other users of Sport is Life; do not send spam nor publish compromising photos.


Sport Is Life reflecting our diverse community of culture, age and beliefs. We have dedicated a lot of time into considering the different factors that contribute to a safe and open space for everyone. We have created community standards so that you can contribute to helping us foment and protect this community. Whilst using Sport is Life, you accept these conditions and the Conditions of Use. We commit to comply with these conditions, and we hope you do also. In case of non-compliance with these rules, your content may be eliminated, your account deactivated, or other restrictions may be applied.

  • Solely share photos and videos that you have taken or have the right to share. As always, you are the owner of the content that you publish on Sport Is Life. Remember to only publish authentic content; do not publish any copied, found or uncertified content from the internet that you do not have the right to publish.
  • Publish photos and videos that are appropriate to the diverse audience. We are aware that it is possible that some users will want to share artistic or creative nude images; however, for diverse motives, we do not allow nude images on Sport Is Life. This restriction applies to photos, videos or whichever form of digital resource that shows sexual acts, genitalia and buttocks fully or partially uncovered. The only nudes accepted are those from framed pieces of art or sculptures. To the users who like to share photos or videos of their children: for safety reasons, we may need to remove photos or videos where the child is posed as partially or completely nude. Although this content is shared with good intentions, others may be able to use this content with other intentions.
  • Don´t publish videos with music on if you don´t have the rights to use it. The use of music for commercial or personal purpose is forbidden unless you have a license to publish it. You cannot publish videos on our platform with the experience of wanting to listen to music. We would like everyone to enjoy the videos that are published by friends and family. Furthermore, if the videos are published on the premises of wanting to listen to music, your videos will be blocked, and your profile may be eliminated. Unauthorised content is subject to elimination.
  • Foment relevant and genuine interactions. With the final purpose of eradicating spam, make sure that your likes, followers and shared content don´t increase artificially, also, do not publish comments or repetitive content with people nor contact them repeatedly with a commercial purpose without their consent. Don´t offer or give away money in exchange for likes, followers, comments or any other type of interaction. Don´t publish content that includes, promotes, foments, facilitates or admits the offer, the request or exchange of opinions or ratings of false or misleading users. It is not necessary that you use your real name on Sport Is Life, but we do require that the platform users provide correct and updated information. Do not try to infringe our rules or mislead others by creating false accounts or identity.
  • Abide the law. In Sport Is Life those who support or praise terrorism, organised crime or groups that promote hatred, have no place on the APP. Offering sexual services, buy-sell of illegal or prescribed drugs, firearms, alcohol or tobacco will also not be permitted (regardless of whether they are legal in your region). Furthermore, Sport Is Life prohibits the sale of animals between individuals, even if the physical shops can offer these sales. No-one can coordinate hunting or the sale of endangered species or derived products. Always remember to abide by the applicable legislation when you offer to buy or sell regulated goods. We show zero tolerance to those who share sexual content with minors or threat to publish intimate images of other users.
  • Respect the rest of the members of the Sport Is Life community. We would like to promote a diverse and positive community. We will remove any content that is considered inappropriate, such as, credible or verbal threats or explicit language that encourages hatred, content that is addressed to individuals with the purpose of humiliation or embarrassment, personal information used to blackmail or to harass and reiterated non-desired messages. It is unacceptable to foment the use of violence or assault an individual because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities or illness. Serious threats to public or personal security is not permitted. These include specific threats against someone’s physical integrity, threats of robbery, vandalism or other economic damages. We meticulously revise the complaints of threats and consider various factors when determining the authenticity of the complaints.
  • Contribute to maintain this environment of help and do not encourage self-harm. The community of Sport Is Life is a place where the members take care and support one another and where members with problems can come (eating disorders or other types of problems that inflict self-harm) to seek support or to raise awareness to other users. Encouraging or urging people to self-harm themselves is against what this support group is for, therefore, the accounts of those who receive these complaints and don´t respect this rule will be removed and deactivated. We may also remove content that identifies self-harm victims if this is used as a form of aggression or derision.
  • Reflect before publishing events of interest. Under no circumstances is it permitted to share graphic images for sadistic pleasure or to entice violence.


Every one of us plays an important part in the Sport Is Life community. If you see something you consider infringes our rules, let us know by writing to [email protected] Although you may not have an account on Sport Is Life, you can still send a complaint. When you fill in the complaint form, try to facilitate as much information as possible, such as links, usernames and descriptions of the content, that way we can find, and revise said content as quick as possible. We may eliminate full publications if the images or texts infringe our rules.

  • It is possible that you will find content that you don´t like but it does not infringe our community regulations. If this is the case, you can decide to unfollow or block the person who has published the content. If there is something you don´t that someone has commented on your content you can eliminate the comment.
  • A lot of disputes and misunderstanding may be resolved directly between the members of the community. If another member publishes one of your photos or videos without your consent, you can try by asking said person to remove the content in a comment of the publication. If this doesn´t work, you can file a complaint for copyright infringement. If you feel someone is infringing your trademark, you may also file a complaint for trademark infringement. Do not publish screenshots or draw attention about the problem, to do so may be misinterpreted as harassment.
  • It is possible that we will work with police authorities, including if we think there is a physical risk or involvement of threat to public health.

Thank you for helping create a great community.


The Sport Is Life team.


Revision date: July 7th, 2021.