Once you have registered your gyms with Sport Is Life, you can publish the class schedules so that users can view them and sign up.

The whole process of entering class schedules is done from the website. To publish the class schedules, from the main page where you see the gym information, you have to click on the button “CLASS SCHEDULES”.

On the next screen you will see the rooms of your gym. The first time you enter, they will not appear. To add the rooms, click on the “ADD ROOM” button, and enter the name of each room. You can edit the name of the room later. Once the rooms appear, click on the “VIEW SCHEDULE” button under the room where you want to add the class.

The screen that opens shows the classes you have added. At the bottom are the buttons to add more classes. You can add weekly classes, which are repeated every week, and one-off classes, which are organised on a specific date for a special reason but are not repeated. The two screens for adding these classes are similar, with the only difference being that weekly classes ask for the day of the week and one-off classes ask for the date of the class. Among the class options, a colour is also required. This colour will appear in the timetable of classes that users see and serves to make it easier to identify all classes that are similar.

REMINDER: To be able to add the class instructor, this instructor must be registered in Sport Is Life and must be one of your friends.