Having a registered gym on Sport Is Life allows you to share workouts with other gym users.

In Sport Is Life, users can show other users the workout they have done, but if another user wants to repeat the same workout, he/she would have to copy all the exercises one by one in a new workout. On the other hand, registering a gym on Sport Is Life allows gym instructors to send workout routines to the gym’s clients. These workouts will appear among the client’s workouts (in the Templates list), and it will be very easy for the client to do this workout or adapt it as he/she progresses through the day.

The steps to follow to share workouts with the gym clients are:

1.Give permission to the gym instructors so that they can share workouts on behalf of the gym. These permissions are given from the website. On the main page of “My gyms”, under each gym there is a button that says “Permissions”. The permissions of the monitors are managed from this page.

REMINDER: For a user to appear on the permissions list, this user must follow the gym’s profile on Sport Is Life.

Gym instructors with permission to share workouts can have several predefined routines saved, and when a client requests a specific workout, the instructor can adjust this workout to the needs of each client and then send it to them.

RECOMMENDATION: The gym monitors can have several saved workouts, depending on the needs that the clients may have and depending on the equipment of the gym. Thus, when a client asks for a routine, the instructor will already have it saved and the only thing he/she will have to do is send it to the client and explain how to do each exercise.

3.When a client of the gym requests a routine to a monitor, the monitor will have to select the workout that he wants to send, and at the bottom of the screen he will find the following button:

When the trainer clicks on this button, a popup will open where the trainer will have to write the client’s e-mail, can name the training and can add a comment, which can be specific indications for the needs of this particular client.

4.The client will find the training sent by the trainer in the list of Templates (in the App, in the “Trainings” menu). The training will appear with the name that the trainer has written. To do the workout, the client must clone it, indicate the date of the new workout and then he/she can do it. The training will be saved permanently in the user’s Templates, although the user can edit it or delete it if he/she decides not to do it again.

The button to clone the training is: