The first thing you have to do is to see if the competition is created in Sport Is Life. To do this, you can search for the competition in the competition finder. The competition finder can be found in the Competitions menu. There you can enter the name of the competition, the place and the date and see if the competition has been created.

If you find the competition you are going to participate in, it is up to the organiser whether you can join or not, depending on how they have defined the privacy of the competition. There are competitions that are open for anyone to join, there are other competitions where you need a password from the competition organiser to join, and there are other competitions where you can only join if you are invited by the competition organiser. In this case, talk to the competition organiser to get an invitation.

If you can’t find the competition, one option is to talk to the competition organiser to create a competition on Sport Is Life so that all participants can join. Another option is to create the competition yourself. This way you can record your result and it will be saved with the rest of the competitions you have done. Also, if you know other participants in the competition, you can invite them to join the competition you have created so that you can compare your times. Manage the privacy of the competition when you create it so that whoever wants to join can do so, to join through a password or to participate only through an invitation.

In all of the above cases, when the competition is over, you will have to log in to Sport Is Life and enter your competition result. Each participant has to register his or her result. However, the competition organiser will have the ability to edit the results.

NOTE: Signing up for a competition through Sport Is Life does not entitle you to participate in the actual competition. Sport Is Life only serves to publicise the competition and record your result, but is not an actual registration method.