The options available in the Training menu are:

  • Train now: This option is used to start training right now, without having anything planned. With this option you can add exercises or sets as you do them.
  • Future training: This option is used to plan a training session for a specific date and leave the training saved, pending to do it later. This way, when the time comes to do the training, you can go to the “Pending training” section, select the training, click on “Start training” and mark the exercises you are doing, without having to worry about adding new exercises. However, if at the last minute you decide to change any of the training parameters, you can always edit the exercises you have added, add new exercises or delete the ones you have added.

*These 2 are the main ways to create a workout but they are not the only ones. Another highly recommended way to create a workout is to clone a workout that you have already finished, planned or defined as a “Template”. If you clone a workout you will be able to create a new workout, identical to an existing one, and even during the creation process you will be able to edit the parameters of the different exercises. This saves you from adding all the exercises you have done one by one. The button to clone a workout is as follows:

  • Pending training: In this section you can see a list of all the training sessions you have pending to do.
  • Finished workouts: In this section you can see a list of all the workouts you have finished.
  • Templates: In this section you can see all the training sessions that you have defined as Templates. Templates are predefined workouts that you can create when you create a workout and are workouts that can be used as a reference when creating new workouts, with the option to clone a workout.

    In this list of Templates is also where you will find the workouts sent to you from your gym or personal trainer.