The answer to this question is yes and no. NO, because the first time you do a workout you will have to enter all the exercises by hand, one by one. However, there are methods to make this process less cumbersome, such as using the “Add sets” button when you have added an exercise but you want to do sets with several weights.

But the answer is also YES, because once you have created a workout, creating another identical or almost identical workout is very easy with the option to Clone a workout. This option saves you from having to re-select all the exercises in the workout one by one. During the cloning process you can change any of the exercise parameters. Once the workout is cloned, you can continue to edit the exercises, add new exercises or delete existing exercises. The button to clone a workout is as follows:

Another way to make it quick and easy to create a training similar to another is to create a Template. Templates or predefined workouts are generated when planning a workout or during the training cloning process by clicking on the “Create template” checkbox. The Templates you create will appear in the Templates section under the Workouts menu. When you want to do a training that you have defined as a Template, all you have to do is enter the Templates menu, select the chosen training and clone it.