Having a gym registered in Sport Is Life allows you to share workouts with the users of the gym, as mentioned in the previous point. The user who receives the workout will see it among his workouts and will be able to do it.

The users in charge of sharing the workouts with the gym users will be the monitors of the gym, from their profiles in Sport Is Life. For this reason, permission must be given to these users so that they can share routines on behalf of the gym.

In Sport Is Life, users can show other users the workout they have done, but if another user wants to repeat the same workout, they would have to copy all the exercises one by one in a new workout. Instead, with this permission granted by the gyms, selected users will be able to send workouts to the gym’s clients, and these clients will be able to easily do the received routines.

Another option is to create an exclusive user only to share workouts with the gym’s clients and give permission only to this user. In this case, the monitors who have to share workout routines with the gym’s clients will have to enter Sport Is Life with this user created specifically for this purpose.

IMPORTANT: When an instructor shares a routine with a user, the user will receive a notification saying that the gym has sent a routine, not the instructor who has done it. The workout is shared on behalf of the gym.