In Sport Is Life you can register all these sports activities:

  • Gym workouts: you can register your exercise routines with or without weights (there are exercises with dumbbells, barbell, Bulgarian bag, kettlebell, elastic bands, medicine ball, bosu…), if you use machines to do weights, if you use aerobic machines such as elliptical bike or treadmill and also if you participate in a class.
  • Running workouts
  • Cycling workouts
  • Swimming workouts
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): In these workouts time is an important variable: you should do a defined number of repetitions as fast as possible, or you have to do the maximum number of repetitions in a defined time.
  • Sport workouts: You can indicate if you have done any sport-specific workouts. At the moment you can only indicate that you have done the training and add a comment with the details.
  • Matches: You can record individual or team matches, friendly or official matches, from different sports.
    Competitions: Sport Is Life allows you to track competitions in a wide range of sports, with different specialities within each sport.