Below you can find a series of considerations to take into account for the correct use of the APP. It is required to follow these advices to get good training results and avoid injuries.

  1. The APP gives advices and recommendations for doing exercises and training routines, but it does not replace in any case the figure of a personal trainer or a gym monitor.
  2. A graduate in Sports Science has defined the exercises and routines included in the APP. Anyway, it is recommended to have the supervision of a gym monitor or a personal trainer when you do new exercises. Even for the exercises that we believe that we know how to do, it is recommendable that a gym monitor tells us if we are doing the exercise right or not.
  3. When you do a new exercise, at the beginning it is recommended to use lightweight and do few repetitions, and check if the new exercise produces us some pain, at the moment of doing the exercise or in the next 24-48 hours. According to the feelings after the exercise, decide if the next time that we do the exercise we will use more weight or if we will do more repetitions. In case of doubt, ask your gym monitor or personal trainer.
  4. The exercises and routines defined in the APP are designed for healthy people, people with any disease. In case of having any disease, ask specialized personnel (doctors, physiotherapist, personal trainer…) what exercises or routines are recommended in your case and what exercises you have to avoid, to avoid that the disease get worse or even that new diseases appear.
  5. The exercises defined in the APP are focused on adult users. Weight-lifting is not recommended to people under 16 years old and if the user is between 16 and 18 years old, they should ask for advice to a doctor or with a personal trainer and check if they can do weight-lifting and how they can do it.
  6. If during a training session the user feels some kind of disease, the training has to be stopped. If the disease remains after some time, the user should tell it to a doctor or to a physiotherapist.
  7. In the swimming part, the APP gives some details about how to improve the swimming technique and other recommendations. These advices are for users that already know how to swim. If the user does not know how to swim, first he should learn how to swim, going to some courses or training with a swimming coach.
  8. If the APP is used in a training of running or bicycle, avoid manipulating the cell-phone during the activity, to avoid distractions that can lead to a collision or in an injury (twisting your ankle, collision with other people or against objects…). In addition, remember that when going by bicycle it is mandatory to use a helmet.
  9. It is recommended that the users have periodical medical check-up, at least one per year. This is important for users that have been many months or years without doing sport and now they want to practice sport again.
  10. To avoid injuries, it is recommended to do a warm up before starting any sport activity, and do stretching exercises before and after the sport activity.
  11. It is important to be hydrated during all the training session. It is important to drink water during the training, especially in warm environments. To recover all the liquid lost in a training session is important in order to have a good recovery.
  12. It is important to use adequate clothes for sport practice, and appropriate footwear that has to be well tied to the foot. Take into account the environment where the training session will take place when you choose the clothes and footwear. In any doubt, ask a gym monitor. In addition, for hygiene reasons, it is recommended to use a towel to dry your sweat.

After all these rules about the appropriate use of the APP and how to do any sport activity, Sport is life: the control is yours won’t be responsible of possible injuries that take place during training sessions that use exercises described in the APP.