Pilates is a discipline that brings great benefits to those who suffer from muscular or joint problems. It is also recommended for those who wish to combine strength with breathing and relaxation, both physical and mental.

The practice can be done on machines, on the floor and with or without accessories. At Sport Is Life we know that the most common thing to do is to go to a centre that adapts to all the expectations and needs of each person.

pilates business app

This centre could be yours and that is why we offer you the Pilates APP, an application that allows you to make it known among the community of users who need exercises and to be in the hands of a team of professionals.

In this way, each user has the opportunity to improve aspects such as maintaining a good position during work time, being able to stand for longer hours, improving balance in different situations, walking more efficiently, moving heavier objects with less effort or being able to sustain repeated activities for longer. Don’t wait any longer to start offering each of your users a quality service that enhances the brand and the work!

Make your centre known with the pilates APP

pilates business app

The exercises that take place in a pilates centre help to improve the body posture while standing, walking or sitting and at the same time prevent back pain. From Sport Is Life we encourage you to use our pilates APP to show the facilities of your centre, as well as your team.

The mobile application allows users to have access at any time, wherever they are, to the programme of activities and classes that you will have made known. All this in an easy, intuitive and simple way so that they can monitor their day-to-day progress.

Registering on the mobile app will make it easier for your Pilates centre to stand out in the fitness community. You will also have the option to manage your service offer at the same time as you publish offers, news and updates. In just one click you can download Sport Is Life. If you are interested in being able to communicate successfully with your users 24 hours a day, don’t hesitate to check our rates. Shall we start?