Sport Is Life is your social network for sport. We are a new startup that wants to use technology and the power of social networks to promote the practice of sports activities and a healthy lifestyle. All through sports solutions without neglecting the values of friendship, excellence and respect.

One of our objectives is to cover the full range of sporting activities that a person can do. That’s why nothing would make us more excited if you could count on us to record all your physical activity, as well as to share it with your loved ones while receiving support from the community.

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Start logging all your sporting activity!

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It doesn’t matter if you have a sports centre, a gym or if you are a user of one of these or if you practice a sport more or less seriously. Through our sports solutions you can not only follow your classes and routines in your sports centre, but you will also have the opportunity to record the results of the competitions you participate in, such as races, athletics competitions or swimming competitions. You can even record whether you play an official match with your team or a friendly match with your friends on the local field!

In addition, through these sports solutions, you can also search for personal trainers or gyms based on the activity and the area where you are located. If they are registered in the application, it will be easier for them to send you training routines adapted to your needs, as well as plans to achieve your goals. All with the option to follow their offers and news.

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No pongas límites a tus soluciones deportivas. En Sport Is Life queremos que adaptes tus actividades a tus objetivos y que sigas tus progresos estés donde estés. Si lo necesitas, puedes ponerte en contacto con uno de nuestros gimnasios o entrenadores personales para hacer un seguimiento de tus entrenamientos donde y cuando quieras, con o sin equipamiento y para guiarte. Estos profesionales te motivan, registran tus progresos y te ayudan a conseguir tus objetivos de forma saludable. ¡No esperes más y descárgate la APP gratis!