We welcome you to Sport Is Life.

These terms of use govern your use of Sport Is Life and provide information about the services of Sport Is Life, described later. When you create an account on Sport Is Life or you use the APP or website, you accept these terms, which create an agreement between you and Sport Is Life.


We accept providing the Service of Sport Is Life. The service includes all functions, services, technologies and software of Sport Is Life that we would like to offer you to contribute to your mission on Sport Is Life, promote physical activity through tracing your activity, sharing it with your friendships and seeing the activity of others.

The Service is constituted of the following aspects (the “Service”):

  • Offer personalized opportunities to create, connect, communicate, discover and share. Each person does sport and communicates differently, that is why we would like to strengthen your relationships through shared experiences with other users. With this objective we create systems to try to understand who and what you are interested in and other users and use this information to help you to create, find, join and share experiences and activities that are important to you.
  • Foment a positive, inclusive and secure environment. We develop and use tools and offer resources to the members of our community that help to make positive and inclusive experiences, including when we think you may need help. We also have tools against abuse and infringement of our terms and conditions, as well as harmful or misleading behaviour. We use all the information we have, including yours, to assure the platform safety. We can also share information of inadequate use or harmful content with public order forces. See more information in the Data Policy.
  • Develop and use technologies that help our expanding community to grow. Organise and analyse information for our growing community is fundamental in our Service. A large part of our Service consists of creating and using innovative technologies that help to personalise, protect and improve our Service to a large scale for a global wide community. Technologies like artificial intelligence and automatic learning allow us to apply complex processes through our Service.
  • Guarantee a stable global infrastructure for our Service. To provide our global Service, we stock and transfer data within our systems throughout the globe, including abroad from your home residence. This infrastructure can be property to Sport Is Life or can belong to other companies such as GoDaddy or Microsoft, throughout their portal Azure. The information, however, is always managed by personnel of Sport Is Life.
  • Connect with brands, products and services that are relevant to you. We use data from Sport Is Life to show you advertisements, offers and other sponsored content that we believe may be significant to you. We hope this content is as relevant and the rest of your experiences throughout Sport Is Life.
  • Investigate and innovate. We use the information we have, to study our Service and collaborate with other parties in investigation work to improve and contribute to the well-being of our community.


Providing our Service requires gathering and using your information. The data policy explains how we gather and use your information. It also explains numerous ways of how to control your information.


In exchange for our commitment to provide the Service, we require that you commit to the following for us.


We would like for our Service to be as open and inclusive as possible, but we would also like for it to be protected, safe and according to law. For this motive, we need you to accept some restrictions to form part of the community Sport Is Life.

  • Be 16 years of age, minimum.
  • You can´t be deprived of receiving any of the aspects of our Service in virtue to the applicable legislation.
  • We haven´t needed to deactivate your account previously for infringing our policies.
  • You are not condemned of sexual crimes.


Providing a safe and open Service to a large community requires that everyone collaborates:

  • You can´t supersede other people or facilitate incorrect information. You have no need to divulge your identity on Sport Is Life, but you do need to provide truthful and updated information (including registration information). Furthermore, you can´t pass for someone else or gym and you can´t create an account for someone else/gym unless they have your explicit permission to do so.
  • You cannot take out illegal, fraudulent or misleading actions or with an illegal purpose or non-authorised.
  • You cannot infringe (or help or encourage others to infringe) these conditions or the Community rules of Sport Is Life.
  • You cannot do anything to interfere or prejudice the expected functionality of the Service.
  • You cannot try to create accounts, nor collect non authorised information. This includes creating accounts or collecting information automatically without our explicit consent.
  • You cannot try to buy, sell or transfer any aspect of your account (including username) or request, collect or use your credentials or those of other users.
  • You cannot publish private or confidential information nor do anything that infringes the rights of another person, including intellectual property.
  • You cannot you a domain name or a URL in your username without our previous written permission. To ask for permission, you can contact [email protected]


As part of our agreement, you also grant us the permission we require to provide the Service.

  • Permission to use your profile photo and information about your relations and actions in relation to your account, announcements and sponsored content. You provide us with the permission to show your profile photo and information about your actions (like “Likes”) or your relations (like who you follow) in relation to your account, announcements, offers and other sponsored content that you follow or with which you interact, with no compensation for you. For example, we can show that you have indicated you like a sponsored publication created by a Brand that has paid us to appear on Sport Is Life like as well as the actions on other sponsored content and the follow up of sponsored accounts may only be viewed by those who have permission to view that content and follow.
  • You agree that we can download and install updates of the Service on your device.


  • If you select a username or a similar identifier to another user, gym or brand, we can change it if necessary or convenient (for example, if it infringes the intellectual property rights or supersedes another user).
  • If you use content protected by intellectual property rights that we own and is available on our Service (for example, images or designs that we offer, that you add to content that you make or share), we maintain all rights relative to our content (but not your own).
  • You need our written consent, or an authorisation in virtue of an open code license, to modify, decompile or try to extract our code source by any means, as well as derivative works.


  • We can eliminate any content or information that you share through the Service if we feel that it infringes the terms of use, our conditions (including our Community rules), or if it infringes the law. If we make the decision to eliminate your content due to infringement of Community rules, or we deactivate or cancel your account, we will notify you as it corresponds. If you feel your account has been cancelled by error or we deactivate or eliminate your account permanently, consult our help menu, within the part of user configuration.
  • The content that you eliminate will still be available for a short time period in security copies and continue being visible if other users have shared it. This paragraph and following section titles “Our agreement and what happens if we don´t meet it” will still be applied even after your account is cancelled or eliminated.



  • If any aspect of this agreement in inapplicable, the rest remains operative.
  • Whichever amendment or resignation relative to our agreement will have to be written and signed by us. In case we fail to apply any aspect of this agreement, it will not be considered and a resignation.
  • We reserve all rights that we have not previously nor explicitly granted.


  • This agreement doesn´t grant any third-party rights.
  • You cannot transfer the rights nor obligations of this agreement without our consent.
  • Our rights and obligation may be transferred to others. For example, this could be transferred if our property changed (like a fusion, an acquisition or asset sales) or via the law.


  • You are the person responsible of the use of the Services and any content provided. This content must respect the applicable laws, rules and regulations. You should only provide content you wish to share with us.
  • Sport Is Life does not verify, rectify, reaffirm nor guarantee the veracity, precision nor the reliability of any content or published communication by other users through the Service, nor do we ratify any expressed opinion through the Service. Using the Service implies you may be exposed to content that may result offensive, malignant, inexact or inappropriate in any way, or in some cases, publications can be misinterpreted or misleading. All the content is responsibility of the person who publishes it. Sport Is Life does not get monitored nor control the published content through the Service and we cannot be held responsible for that content. In any case, the Service has the functions to report the content and you can always write to [email protected]
  • Regarding the content of Sport is Life, such as the descriptions of exercises, Sport Is Life is not held responsible for any injury or physical prejudice as consequence of following our exercises and indications. Sport Is Life gives advice and describes the exercises, but under no circumstances does it try to substitute the function of a personal trainer or gym monitor. You can see more information on how to use this function through the menu button “How to use the App”.
  • You are the person responsible of the security of your Sport Is Life account. For this reason, you should use a strong password, update it regularly and limit the access to your account. We will not be considered responsible, nor will we be, of any loss or damage from non-compliance of the previous terms and conditions.
  • On our behalf, we will use the ability and reasonable care to provide our Service and maintain a safe, protected and error free environment, but we cannot assure that our Service will forever work without interruptions, delays or defects. When taking responsibility for: losses that have not been caused by our actions, unreasonable unpredictable losses to you or us at the moment of subscribing to the current terms and conditions; whatever offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or seem object able, published by others that you can find in our Service; and events that are out of our reasonable control.
  • The above does not exclude nor limit our responsibility of death, personal injury or fraudulent representations caused by our neglect. It also does not exclude nor limit our responsibility for anything that the law does not allow us to do.


If you are the consumer and habitually reside in one of the states of the European Union, the laws of that member State apply in whatever reclamation, pretention or conflict that you have against our business that derives or is related to the Conditions (“complaint”) to resolve your complaint in any competent tribunal in Spain and that the Spanish legislation governs the present conditions and any other complaint, with the independence of the relative dispositions in conflict with laws.


We always appreciate your comments or suggestions, but we can use them without any restrictions or obligation to compensate you for it and we have no obligation to keep them confidential.


It may be possible that we change our Service and policies and we may need to make changes in these conditions that accurately reflect our Service and policies. Unless the law states otherwise, we would notify you (for example, through our Service), at least 30 days before these changes occur in these conditions and give you the opportunity to revise them before they come into force. Therefore, if you continue using the Service, you will be subject to updated conditions. If you don´t wish to accept these or other updated conditions you can eliminate your account.

These use conditions represent an agreement between yourself and Sport Is Life. If you have any doubts about these conditions, you may contact us writing to [email protected]

Last update: July 7th 2021.