Sport Is life is a startup that aims to connect users based on the core values of Olympism: friendship, excellence and respect. All using technology and the power of social networks to promote the practice of sports activities and a healthy lifestyle.

The mobile application aims to give you the opportunity to track all your physical activity while sharing it with your friends. All through sports solutions regardless of whether you practice a sport in a more or less serious way. As well as if you have a sports centre, a gym or you are a personal trainer who wants to make your services known among the community.

Contact with professionals 24 hours a day!

Don’t set limits to your goals. At Sport Is Life, as your social network for sport, we want you to achieve all your personal goals wherever you are. That is why through our mobile application we give you the option to interact 24 hours a day with a coach. All so that, unlike a physical space, you can receive advice and all the information you want.

In addition to people who practice sport, we bring together sports centres such as gyms, fitness centres and yoga centres, among others. In this way we aim to make them known in a community of athletes, as well as manage their classes or make publications to complement their community of users.